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90 percent of our brain's energy goes to resisting gravity, leaving 10 percent for things such as thought, healing and metabolism.  At Align Health & Wellness we use the NUCCA chiropractic procedure coupled with biomechanical foot and gait assessment to improve your relationship with gravity.  It is the goal of Align Health & Wellness to bring together the four major components of health: body balance, emotional wellbeing, nutritional support and functional exercise.  We refer to these components as “Balance, Thought, Fuel and Function”. 




February 4, 2013

To Whom it may concern;

I wanted to thank you for your recent assessment that you conducted on my orthotics. From previous discussions that we had regarding the orthotics that I had purchased from another supplier I had full expectations that my visit would require me to purchase a set of new orthotics from you.

To my surprise your assessment revealed that the current orthotics were sufficient and I really didn’t need to purchase new ones. The assessment that you conducted was very thorough and I truly felt that you had my best interest in mind.

I am convinced that had I gone to any other orthotic supplier they would have recommended that I purchase a new set just to ensure a sale. The fact that you did not try to sell me a new pair indicates your honesty and professionalism. I will be sure to recommend your services to anyone I know that have a requirement for orthotics. It is refreshing to know there are still service providers that operate with honesty and integrity. 

Thank you!


"Just thought I'd let you know how the wall you built for my ski boot orthotic performed. It did take some pressure off the bunionette. Also, I did see a gentleman from that Osteopath clinic you recommended and I'm totally hooked! I'm feeling considerably less pain and stiffness in my back and knees.  Thank you!"

"Thanks so much for taking the time to phone me back when you had a chance. That was really helpful, and most appreciated!  I really appreciate the care and service you and your office provide. Thanks for your assistance and attention today, and I wish you both a terrific weekend"

"I'm just finishing up 3 months off work, and I wanted to tell you about my hike through northern Spain -- I walked approx. 300 km in 20 days. I didn't walk fast, but I walked steady. Your advice re: feet and boots made a huge difference, and the orthotics worked really well. My boots may have looked big and ugly, but with a 20 lb pack, they gave me the support I needed to walk day after day. They are the most comfortable walking shoes I've ever had! Other hikers around me had all sorts of blisters and shin problems, but I developed only one small blister that I was able to manage, no problem.  Thanks for everything."

“I have told many clients and friends about N.U.C.C.A. and the positive experience I have had with it.  I think it is a very effective therapy.”


“When my mom first made this appointment, I was a little scared because I thought the chiropractor was going to crack my neck.  This is what I heard chiropractors do.  But he didn’t.  It was gentle and worked for me.  I am glad I did this.”

“From the moment I called the office from my dentists referral, the staff was amazingly friendly.  The ladies are always smiling and accommodating with scheduling.


“I can not say enough good things about N.U.C.C.A.  The adjustments are painless.  It makes you wonder how a small manipulation can make such a difference… but it does!”

“I was really scared to try this because of all the myths about chiropractors.  My neck, back, jaw pain and headaches were so severe that I was willing to try anything to get rid of them.



“I really was unsure how much this would help because I have spent a lot of time with other chiropractors without much progress.  I cannot believe the difference that I feel now and how much better I feel.”

“N.U.C.C.A. is outstanding.  Since beginning treatment I have recommended the use of N.U.C.C.A. to over a dozen people and I will continue to sponsor its use because it truly works.  Thank-you!”

“In March of 2009 I came to see Dr. Gordon because I had severe pain in my right hip and  I wanted the procedure done right away.  When he did the adjustment I felt instant relief and it has continued until now.  I am very grateful to him because I feel good and I am very happy.  Life is good again.”

“If someone is in need of chiropractic care, I would strongly urge them to try NUCCA care first. 




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