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NUCCA Chiropractor Calgary, Alberta

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90 percent of our brain’s energy goes to resisting gravity, leaving 10 percent for things such as thought, healing and metabolism.  At Align Health & Wellness we use the NUCCA chiropractic procedure coupled with biomechanical foot and gait assessment to improve your relationship with gravity.  It is the goal of Align Health & Wellness to bring together the four major components of health: body balance, emotional wellbeing, nutritional support and functional exercise.  We refer to these components as “Balance, Thought, Fuel and Function”. 


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Good spinal balance is essential

chiropractor treating a foot injury

Footwear and orthotic experts

Laser therapy on an injured knee
Laser Therapy

Verified method of pain relief

What to expect from your first visit with the Chiropractor

Your first visit with the Chiropractor at Align Health & Wellness is a consultation to determine if you are a candidate for the care we provide. This first visit will help us understand your main motivating factors that have brought you to seek care. For some this might be intolerable pain, for others, it may be the understanding that to be truly healthy our body must be free of interference. Regardless, we are eager to learn about previous challenges and future ambitions. A postural assessment will be performed which will provide us insight into the stressors your body is currently holding onto, and whether or not our resources are able to address these stressors.

Your second visit

The second visit is an exciting one. This is the point where most of our clinical data is collected and you receive your first adjustment. During this appointment, our upper cervical chiropractor will perform a surface electromyograph of your neck and back to assess the musculature that is affecting (and being affected by) your current spinal alignment. Relevant orthopedic and neurological tests will be performed, and precise NUCCA upper cervical digital x-rays (when required) will be taken of your head and neck. These films will be analyzed to determine the specific adjustment that you will require to bring your body back into a balanced state.

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