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Upper Cervical Chiropractors in Calgary

At Align Health & Wellness we use the NUCCA chiropractic procedure coupled with biomechanical foot and gait assessment to improve your relationship with gravity.  It is the goal of Align Health & Wellness to bring together the four major components of health: body balance, emotional wellbeing, nutritional support and functional exercise.  We refer to these components as “Balance, Thought, Fuel and Function”.
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The ability to achieve true health begins with a balanced foundation or posture. Two areas of the body have the most profound impact on posture; they are the structures of the head and neck and the structures of the feet.
When dealing with the head and neck our doctors perform a specific upper cervical adjusting technique that is gentle, non-invasive, and has full body effects. To provide the highest quality chiropractic care our practice utilizes advanced chiropractic assessment procedures such as digital x-ray and computerized surface electromyography. The doctors focus on the upper neck by employing a specialized procedure developed by NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). The NUCCA procedure involves the careful examination of the patient and subsequent gentle correction of the upper neck, allowing for a re-balancing of the body.      
Taking care of the foot and gait can be a crucial component of balanced posture. Our certified pedorthist Shannon Gordon will carefully evaluate your gait (the way you walk) and examine the balance and integrity of your foot. At this point a determination is made as to whether or not a custom orthotic is necessary for you.
When the head and neck are balanced and the feet have a healthy relationship with the ground you will be well on your way to optimal health. You will likely find that you have much less body ache when you have the ability to resist the forces of gravity in a healthy balanced way. Although most people begin to feel great improvement from these two specialized yet simple procedures, the path to wellness does not stop here. Once body Balance has been achieved we must turn our attention to the bodies Thought, Fuel and Function.


Thought is a powerful thing; it has the ability to heal as well as the ability to exhaust.  Our busy world keeps us in a constant state of chronic mental stress and anxiety.  Thought is a critical area of health often misunderstood and often goes unaddressed by health care practitioners.  Your doctor at Align Health & Wellness will work with you to develop simple stress management strategies that you can use to improve mental clarity and focus.


Fuel is everything that we put into our bodies to make us go.  Without the proper nutritional support we are unable to heal completely even when our body balance has been restored.

Your doctor at Align Health & Wellness will evaluate your dietary needs and give recommendations on how you can make simple changes to move your body towards optimal health.  Simply by changing our nutritional intake we can dramatically decrease inflammation in the body, increase energy throughout our day and decrease our risk of colds and illness. 



Function is the movement of the body that keeps our muscles and heart healthy and feeds the mind.  Our brain needs healthy body movement for it to thrive.  Your brain is fueled by nervous system input from joints that move in a healthy way and it is starved when the body does not move or does not move well.  Exercise that involves cardiovascular, resistance, flexibility and core strength will all be addressed at Align Health & Wellness.  Timely addition of appropriate exercise can vastly improve one’s health potential.  It is important to realize that all people are different and exercise can cause as much harm as good when not engaged in properly.  Your chiropractor at Align Health & Wellness will start you on your way to improving your physical performance without injury by adding custom selected activities at the most appropriate time for you.