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Dr. Gordon began his undergraduate education at Mount Royal College in the field of kinesiology, an interest in health and mechanics of the human body attracted him to the study of Chiropractic. While studying at Palmer College, Dr. Gordon became fully trained in the N.U.C.C.A. procedure, and since then has continued with post-graduate seminars and lectures on the procedure. While studying at Palmer College Dr. Gordon achieved a position on the Dean’s list as well as successfully challenging all Canadian and American national board examinations required for licensure as a doctor of chiropractic.

In addition to his Chiropractic studies Dr. Gordon has been a long time athlete and student of nutrition.  First competing as an amateur boxer in the early 90’s then shifting his interests to endurance sport, Dr. Gordon now participates in road biking, marathon running and triathlons/duathalons.  To this day Dr. Gordon continues to include exercise and nutrition as building blocks to a healthy lifestyle.

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