Dr Cody Gordon D.C. Talks about TMJ and NUCCA Chiropractic in Calgary, AB.

Severe Sciatica Pain Relieved with NUCCA Chiropractic in Calgary, AB.

TMJ and Headaches Relieved with NUCCA Chiropractic in Calgary, AB.

"I'm just finishing up 3 months off work, and I wanted to tell you about my hike through northern Spain -- I walked approx. 300 km in 20 days. I didn't walk fast, but I walked steady. Your advice re: feet and boots made a huge difference, and the orthotics worked really well. My boots…

Orthotics and footwear for a Hiker

“I have told many clients and friends about N.U.C.C.A. and the positive experience I have had with it.  I think it is a very effective therapy.”

Personal trainer Calgary

“If someone is in need of chiropractic care, I would strongly urge them to try NUCCA care first. I had many treatments by other therapists but never found sustainable results.  I had extreme neck/shoulder/back pain, along with daily headaches and felt physically ill and lethargic from the pain.  When a coworker told me she was…

migraine and tension headache

“In March of 2009 I came to see Dr. Gordon because I had severe pain in my right hip and  I wanted the procedure done right away.  When he did the adjustment I felt instant relief and it has continued until now.  I am very grateful to him because I feel good and I am…

low back pain and sciatica

“N.U.C.C.A. is outstanding.  Since beginning treatment I have recommended the use of N.U.C.C.A. to over a dozen people and I will continue to sponsor its use because it truly works.  Thank-you!”

25 year old male with severe Neck pain

“I really was unsure how much this would help because I have spent a lot of time with other chiropractors without much progress.  I cannot believe the difference that I feel now and how much better I feel.”

37 year old male with spinal pain and two crushed vertebra

“I was really scared to try this because of all the myths about chiropractors. My neck, back, jaw pain and headaches were so severe that I was willing to try anything to get rid of them.  I had been doing splint therapy for six months prior to starting and it didn’t help a bit. I…

30 year old female with headache jaw and spinal pain.

“I can not say enough good things about N.U.C.C.A.  The adjustments are painless.  It makes you wonder how a small manipulation can make such a difference… but it does!”

50 year old male with neck pain

“When my mom first made this appointment, I was a little scared because I thought the chiropractor was going to crack my neck. This is what I heard chiropractors do. But he didn’t. It was gentle and worked for me. I am glad I did this.”

Male with neck pain

“From the moment I called the office from my dentists referral, the staff was amazingly friendly. The ladies are always smiling and accommodating with scheduling. Dr. Gordon was extremely thorough and comprehensive in all explanations of procedures. He took the time to answer all of my questions and make me feel at ease. My overall…

35 year old female with TMJ and headache